Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Next Generation ...

Arwa (1 yr & 9 months) is my youngest sister; the difference between Arwa and all of us (her siblings) is that we had a computer before she was born. One day after launch, I was relaxing at home. Arwa came with a flash disk, she asked me to go with her to the computer and she was trying to plug the flash disk in the USB port. I was thinking… she knows a flash disk when she sees one… really nice. She also likes playing with the CD ROM and she tries to insert CD’s in it.

Whenever Arwa sees me working on my laptop, she jumps happily, comes to me and asks me – in her own language – to play her favourite nasheed (Islamic song). When I do so, she takes control over my laptop, listening to the nasheed, moving the mouse, and pressing the keyboard buttons. As she does that, I realize that I have no options except watching her… with a big smile on my face… daring to imagine that… Oman has a bright future with the likes of Arwa and her generation growing up in a knowledgeable society.

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