Friday, January 2, 2009

E-Security Concern

It was at night. Everyone at the house was busy with something. Mom was cooking dinner. The oldest brother was still at work, he usually comes late. The older sisters were still at Uni. Mohammed was studying hard as he was in the 12th grade. Dad was out of the house visiting Uncle Ahmed. Sara was reading the newspaper and Abdulrahman was playing XBOX 360. Everything looked old in the living room except for the XBOX 360. All were sitting on an old mat.

"Internet pirates find new ways to deceive people" Sara said as she was reading the newspaper.
"I cannot believe that there are people who spend their time doing such things", commented Abdulrahman as he was pressing the buttons of the XBOX 360 controller.
"There are always good and bad people" said Sara.
"I am losing faith on the Internet although it has great benefits and made the world smaller than the small café across the street", said Abdulrahman.
He added: "I don’t know why make the buzz about E-Commerce and E-Government when we cannot be sure that transactions are secure."