Saturday, December 11, 2010

Book Review: Reframing Organisations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership

By Lee Bolman and Terrance Deal.
Bolman, L.G & Deal, T.E, 2008, Reframing Organisations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership, 4th Edition, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, USA

It is a great book that looks at the need to change your perception of things. It teaches you how to break your mental frames and construct new ones. It mainly talks about organizations, yet the techniques can be useful in personal life.

Although organizations start with a simple idea, they are complex and there is not one direct cause to a problem. People interpret different situations differently because there are different languages, different perspectives (frames), and different alternative ways to reading what is going on and we would be missing the insights each one generates if we do not acknowledge them and try to benefit from them. To be able to deal with situations effectively, we should be able to form sophisticated interpretations of them through looking at them from different perspectives though REFRAMING. It will enable us to generate different insights and discover new layers of meanings that will help us develop comprehensive understanding of the situations.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Like No Other

It is one of those days in which things in the Middle East heat up. As usual, so many people die, so many suffer and so many lose their beloved ones. Things are so quiet in here, the orphanage. The winter is so cold; I know that it is so hot in Gaza.

I have been living here as long as I can remember and that applies to most of the children. There are new children who join us from time to time. Noor is the newest girl. She is very calm and never talk. I went to visit her. She seemed to be waiting for me. She gave me her diary again without even looking at me. I started reading from where I stopped last night.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2nd Anniversary: 20100102: 2008 is not the only year of achievements!

Since some time back, I am used to design a greeting for the New Year. This time, I had to focus on my Financial and Management Accounting assignment. I have been also thinking of celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my blog "The Love of the 'e' Prefix", probably with a nice design since I am pretty good at that. Being under pressure to finish my assignment and due to other commitments, I decided to postpone that and write this short post.