Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am an achiever !

Today I am writing about my experience in the BizPro young achievers awards 2008. I was nominated by my company (Omania E-Commerce) along with 114 people from different organizations in Oman. We had to undergo a management aptitude test. The test had different sections in which our math, extract and reasoning, vocal, and management knowledge and skills were tested. 12 people qualified to the final stage. I was a finalist. We had to talk about "Personal Development and Career Advancements". We presented to jury of different high profile corporate leaders in Oman.

I was proud to be in the final 12 among professionals from different industries and well-established companies in Oman. Being nominated was recognition. Going through the management aptitude test was enjoyable. Delivering the presentation to jury members was exceptional. Being there in the final ceremony was an achievement. I was confident that I would be one of the winners. Then I came to realize that this is not the time to win for me. There is a lot of work to be done to reach to the top.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me, encouraged me and most importantly inspired me. Four years of study in Australia and two years and a half of work experience in Oman taught me a lot about life, different people, different cultures, and most importantly that the world is no more a small village, it is now a small cafe. Yes, the world is so small. The development in technology made the difference in few years. The network of networks changed the way we perceive things, learn and most importantly live. It has become so essential and part of life.

We have a responsibility to raise the awareness of the benefits of going online, using technology and implementing e-commerce. We have to help in transforming the Omani society to a knowledgeable society, not a digital one. The technology is there. What is important is to know how to use it to produce. It is all about the knowledge.

The question is "do we all share the passion for technology and the love of the ‘e’ prefix?

I hope the answer is “we absolutely do”.


  1. Congratulations Sulaiman. Every achievement should be celebrated as it increases one's self esteem and confidence.

    You are happy that your hardwork and knowledge have been rewarded.

    I am sure that there are many more to come. All the best always.

  2. Thanks for your wishes Deepti. As I always say: "2008 is not the only year of achievements" and there is a story behind this saying.

    2010 is another year of achievements !!