Monday, June 14, 2010

Like No Other

It is one of those days in which things in the Middle East heat up. As usual, so many people die, so many suffer and so many lose their beloved ones. Things are so quiet in here, the orphanage. The winter is so cold; I know that it is so hot in Gaza.

I have been living here as long as I can remember and that applies to most of the children. There are new children who join us from time to time. Noor is the newest girl. She is very calm and never talk. I went to visit her. She seemed to be waiting for me. She gave me her diary again without even looking at me. I started reading from where I stopped last night.

“I was old enough to know about what is going on in here. Our life became like hell. I hear people say it although I do not know how hell looks like or feels like, but can it really be worse? A question I always ask myself. I do not know what I am guilty of, neither did anyone who was around me. I do blame my mother for bringing me to this world. It is no sense, but does it really matter to those living somewhere else? Do you think that I know what living childhood means? Well, guess what? I do not.

We have no rights except the right to die, and even when we die, we do not die like others, and we might need to collect so many pieces of our bodies to be buried. We have no dreams. We know the darkness better than the light. We found my brother dead with a bullet in his head. My older brother left and he did not come back. I do not know how it feels to be hugged. I did not see my father, only his picture.

We live in fear
What do the birds say? I cannot hear
I can only hear the winds of rage
Especially when the armies of the enemy engage
Will anyone listen?
The fruits fall before they ripen
Why do we need to memorise?
Tomorrow, the sun will not rise
I did not see my father
I miss my brother
Life is not fair
But, does anyone care?
Our school was demolished
Our house was destroyed
In less than an hour
My mother…
We are like no other
Our life is full of sorrow
Yet, we still dream of a better tomorrow”

I stopped reading to wipe the tears of my eyes. I looked at her and she looked like she travelled back in time to see that scene again, then she closed her eyes. I used to come the next day and find her eyes open, but this time I knew that it is the last time. I took her diary to read her memories, so at least I discover more.

An hour later, a few missiles hit the building and wiped it out. No one survived, not even the diary, and Khalid did not continue reading the memories of his new friend.

Khalid is an Arabic name that means eternal. Noor is an Arabic name that means light.


  1. Touchy...Emotional...You triggered the hard feelings by this story Sulaiman.
    Impressive and spectacular way of writing... Amazing selection of the story topic.

    Let us keep the "WoOOW" by reading more for you..

    :) :) :)

  2. Dear Suleiman,
    I really loved this post of yours!
    I always apprecaite it when someone looks @ a situation from a different prespective.

    Those are humans there! All they want is to live, have dreams, enjoy and produce!!!

    ربي ارحمهم جميعا فوق الأرض وتحت الأرض ويوم العرض ولاتخزهم يوم يبعثون

    *زوّان السبتي

  3. Hi It's a great story. So human, so emotional. Eternal light will definitely win one day. Humanity and good thoughts, good deeds would win again. But, this moment is terrible. It's a impressive writing. May God bless you, your pen(I mean keyboard) so that you write more good stories, touch the lives of people who feel that no one cares. We do care for citizens of the world. This terrible night will end. Thanks for this wonderful touching story.....

  4. Thanks a lot for commenting on this post, (غيم و مطر), *ZS and Fiza.

    Writing such a story was a great experience as I tried to live the pain suffered by those living in the hot zone. I wrote it originally in January 2009 after being inspired by a story sent to me by my best friend.

    I found it when I was backing up my files from my old laptop. I made few modifications and posted it. I am glad that you have liked it.

    I sometimes find it difficult to continue on writing and posting. What motivates me the most is those who are looking forward to what I write.

  5. Beautifully written & described .. yet so sad , felt so real . Keep up the good work .
    You said that you find it difficult to continue writing sometimes , I know exactly what you mean ; I can only write when something is bothering me .. it makes me feel better :) Anyhow , keep posting , i'd like to read some more of your stuff.

  6. The Voice of Reason, Thanks for your comment and for the words of encouragement.

    Yes, writing is not easy, yet all what we have to do sometimes is to sit down, get our minds clear and just write; the words start flowing harmoniously!

    I will post more :)

  7. Hi Sulaiman, Sabah al Noor. Kaif halak? why is your qalam at rest for sometime?Where are Sarah and Abdul Rehman? We would like to know more about their mission.

  8. Hi Deepti, Masa Al Noor :)
    Hope you are fine. You finally commented :) I asked Dave about you on Friday as we are studying the same subjects this semester.

    I know that it took me longer than before this time. The Strathclyde MBA is taking most of my time, add to that work and family, but I am preparing for a great comeback... soon hopefully.

  9. Brother,
    You got to keep on writing :)
    Someone said once; "the only difference between those who keep on writing and those don't is that they never gave it up"

    I can see you going places with this talent, keep it up please