Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome to the eWorld

Finally, I started my blog. Well, sometimes I get the feeling of writing about a topic. I get so excited and I say to myself that I am gonna write. I end up writing nothing. This is a serious step to change. I want to document my thoughts that I think are important, so others get to know about them.

Four years in Australia taught me a lot about life, different cultures, different people and most importantly that the world is no more a small village, it is now a small cafe. Yes, the world is so small. The development in technology made the difference in few years. The network of networks changed the way we perceive things, learn and most importantly live. It has become so essential and part of life.

I admit that I should have started bloging long time ago, but it is never late to start now. My idea is to get others to know about technology mainly.

I hold a bachelor degree in Electronic Commerce and work for an E-Commerce company that provides e-solutions. That is why I am always involoved in things that are related to the ‘e’ word.

I always think of ways to get people to know-how, not just to know about technology. The technology is there. What is important is to know how to use it to produce. It is all about the knowledge, folks.

Just keep visiting my blog. You will definitely learn something new.

For those who wonder, the ‘e’ is for electronic. It is a new prefix that has been around for a while and it is good to know more about it.

So, do we share the love of the ‘e’ prefix?


  1. Interesting blog.. Wish you all the best.. Please update..

  2. Hi Sulaiman, I saw your blog just now.Interesting points.